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Project Description

Miss Universe Romania 2021

National Costume for Miss Universe Romania 2021 Carmina Cotfas

Photo: Dragos Cristecu

National Costume design for Miss Universe Romania 2021, to compete with at the 70th Miss Universe competition in Israel on December 2021.
In honour of Queen Marie of Romania & a tribute to the Romanian Suman.
“I came to this country at very young age, yet I became one of you.”
The beloved Queen Marie of Romania, the granddaughter of British Queen Victoria, came at a very young age to a foreign country, and fell in love with the people and their heritage.
Romania became her heart’s home.
The Romanian rich cultural heritage, traditions, customs & beautiful landscapes inspired her to write about the fight for Romania.
The queen was proud to wear her adoptive country’s folk costume – the beautiful Romanian Suman, with the art of weaving and embroidery passed from generation to generation, along with all the hidden meanings of the symbols and patterns.
The Romanian nation loves, honours & remembers Queen Marie every day.
Miss Universe Romania 2021’s National costume is a glamorous, regal & modern interpretation of the traditional Romanian Suman.
The costume depicts the intricate Romanian embroidery, and is embellished and adorned with exclusive rhinestones, in the colours of the Romanian flag.
The crown is inspired by Queen Marie’s treasury and very own original Tiara.

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