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Project Description


Commercial for Vällingby Center’s character & theatre play.

Shot on Red Weapon 6K in a green screen studio and composited together with a 3D background in After Effects and color graded in DaVinci Resolve.

Director and Produced: Christoffer Glans (Also did editing, keying, compositing and color grading)
Vera: Eira Fuglstad
Cinematography: Andres Rignell
3D world building & camera tracking: Ulf Lundgren
Costume & wardrobe: Aviad Arik Herman
Focus Puller: Alexandra Magnusson
Makeup: Emelie Ödman
Grip: Andreas Lindholm
Production Assistant: Axelina Eriksson
Studio, dolly and lights: Light in a Room AB Additional
Producers: Philip Hughes & Viktor Åkerblom