Congratulations to superstar Kobi Rozenfeld for being the Israeli judge on CBS’s new show – The World’s Best !
Thank you for choosing to wear Aviad Arik Herman , you look stunning in these outfits!

Congratulations amazing Kobi Rozenfeld ?????❤️Repost @kobirozenfeld with @get_repost・・・Tonight is the night – I’m proudly representing Israel as judge on the CBS show “The World’s Best” – premiering right after the Super Bowl! And, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @KobiRozenfeld where I’ll be live tweeting for the live episode! Proudly sporting Israeli designer suit by Aviad Arik Herman ❤️? The World's Best on CBS #worldsbest #superbowl #walloftheworld

Geplaatst door Aviad Arik Herman op Zondag 3 februari 2019